It’s been kind of a strange day. Normally I wake up starving, but I was not hungry at all this morning and didn’t end up eating anything at all until lunch. I spent some time cleaning/straightening up, instead.

I think I mentioned in my catch-up post that my husband and I bought a house in March. We bought it from the sweetest older couple, and we have had some communication with them since (mostly regarding un-forwarded mail and the like). Last month they let us know they were going to be in town and asked if we’d like them to come by and show us how to test the water pH and stuff. We agreed, so today they came. It was very surreal for them, I think, coming back to this house, and luckily they had only good things to say about what we’ve done with the place. To be fair, we haven’t done much more than decorate with our own things. We did paint a prominent wall blue, though. We were a little nervous because we wanted them to have a good impression of us. She lived in the house for 20 years, and we wanted her to feel like we are taking good care of it!

It ended up being a great experience. The two men went down to the crawl-space to look at whatever it was they looked at, and I sat down with the woman to chat. She told me that her prayer for this home was that it would go to a young family with a baby, so she felt that her prayers were answered. Such a sweet woman!

I was supposed to meet a friend in the afternoon, but her little one napped late, so that didn’t happen. All afternoon I have been feeling social, and there hasn’t been anyone to hang out with! I even texted a friend who lives around the corner to see if she was available for a visit this evening, but she’s actually out of the state right now. What’s a girl to do??

Instead I popped open a bottle of wine (mmmmm) and my cat and I are hanging out. She’s not the best conversationalist, but she is very soft and friendly.

So one thing I have not talked about on here yet is my weight loss journey. Doesn’t that make it sound epic and wonderful? In reality I put on too much weight during pregnancy and was struggling to get it off. In May my parents (at my request) paid for me to do a beach body challenge thing at the local Y. When I started I was somewhere around 215 lbs. Roughly. There were days I’d weigh less, but overall it was about 215… still 30lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight! At the end of June I was down to 204! I did a little clothes shopping recently and I have dropped a full pants-size from the smallest jeans I had before, so that now I am only about a size bigger than I was pre-pregnancy. Wow! So exciting for me! One of the things I have done is to cut out alcohol almost entirely. I have had this bottle of wine in the fridge for, like, 8 weeks. Tonight I decided to open it.


Bug and Mama Selfie!

I am 5dpo and trying to conceive. We actually had great timing this month. One of my regrets during my last pregnancy is that I didn’t get to enjoy “one last glass” (or bottle) of wine before I found out I was pregnant. Why would I? It had been MONTHS and MONTHS and I never was pregnant. I had no reason to believe that this time would be any different. So now I am going to enjoy this bottle of wine. And I am going to allow myself to do this every month until I am finally, hopefully, pregnant again.