In the 14 months since I gave birth I have been sick a lot. I have had mastitis, a stomach virus so bad that I had to have an IV, and more than a handful of colds (ranging from sniffles to sore throat and everything in between). This after 29 years of getting sick once or twice a year. Not only have I been sick more often, but each time seems to last much longer.

Apparently, during pregnancy the immune system is supressed. This can have lasting effects. Another result is that I have developed a lactose intolerance. I used to guzzle milk; now I mostly avoid it and I take a lactase tablet if I’m going to indulge in dairy.

Now I am pregnant again and already sick with a sore throat. I wonder if this pregnancy will further suppress my immune system, or if it’ll just be business as usual? I reeeeally hope it doesn’t get any worse! 

Big taking good care of her sick mama!