How far along? 5 Weeks

What’s happening with the baby? Cricket is about the size of a red lentil. The neural tube is forming, as are the heart and circulatory system.

Total weight gain? I have gained about 2 lbs, but mostly due to constipation and bloat. GOOD TIMES.

Maternity clothes? Not yet, but probably soon. The only jeans I can fit into are my “fat” jeans– the ones I wore post-partum before I lost weight!

Symptoms? Continued nausea, off and on all day. An increased gag reflex  (while brushing my teeth, for example). Exhaustion! I spend the day feeling like I took a dose of benadryl. pretty intense bloating, as previously mentioned. Mild headaches most days, that sometimes get more intense.

Food cravings/aversions? Nothing too intense. Most days it is a struggle to find something that sounds good to eat, but there hasn’t been much that has turned my stomach.

Anything make you queasy or sick? My sweet daughter threw up all over her teddybear the other day, and I got to hand-wash that sucker. YUCK. I am getting quite sensitive to smells (both good and bad), which can cause me to feel queasy.

Sleep? Pretty good.

Movement? n/a

Labor Signs? n/a

Gender? n/a

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? on

Best moment this week? We had a big conversation and narrowed down our baby names! We are pretty sure of the girl’s name, but still thinking about the boy’s name. Such fun, though!

Miss anything? I do miss having energy! I feel like a bad mama, lately… lots of resting on the couch while Bug plays on the floor. Though partly that is because I have been fighting off a sore throat.

Looking forward to? Fall!


How old? 14 months today!

Achievements this week/month? She has figured out how to squat– soon she’ll be standing up without any help! She started waving and saying “bye-bye”.

Best moment of this week? We had a great time celebrating my husband’s birthday! We made homemade pizza and played a new boardgames and watched a movie. Low key and very nice. Love that guy!

Miss anything? I kind of miss the days when she was not so mobile! She is so fast and all over the place these days!

Looking forward to? I look forward to her saying “I love you” some day!