How far along? 13 Weeks today!

What’s happening with the baby?

Total weight gain/loss? Lost 8 pounds since getting pregnant. I actually lost more than that, but I have regained around a pound.

Maternity clothes? I am only wearing maternity clothes and dresses. It’s been so hot that I really prefer the dresses, but then if I go anywhere I have to shave my legs. Bleh. No time for that!

Symptoms? I have quite the baby belly now, apparently that’s normal for a second pregnancy. I still get nauseated in the mornings and evenings so I am still taking medication once a day. It helps me to eat.

Food cravings? Nothing specific at the moment.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Meat. Also repetitive movements, such as a toddler bouncing on the couch beside me.

Sleep? Getting as much as I can. I am not napping during the day anymore, though, instead I tend to lie down and read or rest. If I nap in the afternoon I wake up grouchy and sick, and that’s no good for anyone!

Movement? MAYBEIt is still really early, but I have felt some fluttering really low recently that I think might be baby!

Labor Signs? N/A

Gender? I did ask at the NT ultrasound if she had a guess, but everytime she tried to look the baby would cross its legs and prevent her from seeing anything! Lately my feeling in BOY. We’ll see!

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? On.

Best moment this week? Yesterday Bug and I met some friends on the green for a picnic lunch. I had the BEST salad and a grapefruit and a jelly donut and really enjoyed all my food! We had fun with our friends and then came home to find that my husband had come home on his lunch break and cleaned the house! I put Bug down for her afternoon nap and spent a lovely 2 hours relaxing in the den with a good book. Such a great day!

Miss anything? I miss wine. I did have a small glass of sparkling wine about a week ago when I went out with a friend. I made it last the evening, and didn’t feel too guilty!

Looking forward to?  The fair this weekend!


How old? Almost 16 months!

Achievements this week/month? Walking! Walking all over the place. Such a big girl!

Best moment of this week? See above! She had a great time at our picnic, too.

Miss anything? I miss breastfeeding her. And I miss when she was teeny tiny and easily soothed and snuggled. It’s a little harder now!