Ugh. We are struggling to get back into good routines. While I was dealing with crippling morning sickness, my husband was handling EVERYTHING, God bless him! He cooked, he cleaned, he grocery shopped, he took care of Bug. Now I am back to feeling human, but it’s so hard to find my stride again when it cones to household stuff. I’m trying, though. 

One thing I started to do was set a single goal each day. The idea is that if I do nothing else productive, I complete at least the one task that I decided on that day. It’s been a good way to get back into the swing of things.

Last night I made a list of all the household things I want to get done before the holidays (we are hosting both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!), so if I do only one or two things a day it should be possible to have the house in great shape by then. 

Today I cleaned my bathtub stopper l, which had gotten pretty mildewy (gross!), and now I am hoping to get our front-loading washer cleaned. It came with our house, and I know it’s more energy efficient, but I really miss our top-loader! Any tip for cleaning a front-loader? Right now I am running a hot bleach wash with a couple of towels.

What routines, tips, or tricks have you discovered that help you keep on top of household stuff?