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Fall is Here!

It’s fall! Temps are finally down in the 50s and 60s and tonight we celebrated with our first fire of the season. This is also our first Fall in our new house. It has a wood stove in the den which can be used to heat the house (though we also have baseboard heating, in case we can’t get the hang of the stove). Is there anything cozier than a toasty fire on a chilly night??

Cricket is 15 weeks now and I am definitely feeling movement. I can’t wait until my husband and daughter can feel it, too! I think I have finally stopped losing weight, but we’ll see. Today I didn’t have much of an appetite, and I still can’t stomach red meat at all. I can sometimes do chicken or fish, but not much of either. Such a weird thing to experience. 

Bug is doing great these days. She’s 26 months old now and walking (and climbing) everywhere. This week she has really been embracing the phrase “thank you”. It sounds like “tet-you” and she says it everything we give her something, she takes something, or she’s generally happy with what’s happening. Today she said “tiss” and leaves in for me to kiss her. Then she grinned and said “tet-you” so sweetly that I almost melted into a puddle right there on the floor. 

We’ve been struggling against her throwing food on the floor. Today we tried something new after talking to a friend whose daughter is just a few days younger than Bug. We gave her an empty bowl at dinner and told her, “we don’t throw food on the floor. When you’re done with your food you can put it in the bowl.” She threw one piece of broccoli on the floor. I put it back on her plate, repeated the statement, and pointed at the bowl. She put it in the bowl. And didn’t throw anything else on the floor! This whole time we have been telling her what NOT to do… But we weren’t giving her an alternative! It was a real light-bulb moment. 

Last night I got to go out with two friends and have a ladies night out. It was needed, appreciated, and SO enjoyed! I’ve come so far since that first lonely year here when I was pregnant, depressed, and didn’t know anyone. Thank goodness for the breastfeeding group. This pregnancy is more exhausting, but also more bearable thanks to my support system. 

Happy weekend!


13 Weeks! Second Trimester!


How far along? 13 Weeks today!

What’s happening with the baby?

Total weight gain/loss? Lost 8 pounds since getting pregnant. I actually lost more than that, but I have regained around a pound.

Maternity clothes? I am only wearing maternity clothes and dresses. It’s been so hot that I really prefer the dresses, but then if I go anywhere I have to shave my legs. Bleh. No time for that!

Symptoms? I have quite the baby belly now, apparently that’s normal for a second pregnancy. I still get nauseated in the mornings and evenings so I am still taking medication once a day. It helps me to eat.

Food cravings? Nothing specific at the moment.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Meat. Also repetitive movements, such as a toddler bouncing on the couch beside me.

Sleep? Getting as much as I can. I am not napping during the day anymore, though, instead I tend to lie down and read or rest. If I nap in the afternoon I wake up grouchy and sick, and that’s no good for anyone!

Movement? MAYBEIt is still really early, but I have felt some fluttering really low recently that I think might be baby!

Labor Signs? N/A

Gender? I did ask at the NT ultrasound if she had a guess, but everytime she tried to look the baby would cross its legs and prevent her from seeing anything! Lately my feeling in BOY. We’ll see!

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? On.

Best moment this week? Yesterday Bug and I met some friends on the green for a picnic lunch. I had the BEST salad and a grapefruit and a jelly donut and really enjoyed all my food! We had fun with our friends and then came home to find that my husband had come home on his lunch break and cleaned the house! I put Bug down for her afternoon nap and spent a lovely 2 hours relaxing in the den with a good book. Such a great day!

Miss anything? I miss wine. I did have a small glass of sparkling wine about a week ago when I went out with a friend. I made it last the evening, and didn’t feel too guilty!

Looking forward to?  The fair this weekend!


How old? Almost 16 months!

Achievements this week/month? Walking! Walking all over the place. Such a big girl!

Best moment of this week? See above! She had a great time at our picnic, too.

Miss anything? I miss breastfeeding her. And I miss when she was teeny tiny and easily soothed and snuggled. It’s a little harder now!

Good Days and Bad Days

Sorry for the radio silence. What it comes down to is this: I love being a mama and [most] everything that goes along with that. I DO NOT enjoy being pregnant. I APPRECIATE it, I am THANKFUL and RELIEVED to be pregnant and I am OVERJOYED to welcome another baby into our little family. But pregnancy is hard on my body and emotions, and I find it hard to make time to write about it lately.

Since I last wrote I have been incredibly sick and lost quite a bit of weight. The weightless is not a big deal, actually, given that I am overweight already and my midwives want my weight-gain limited this time around to around 15 pounds. I did get medication again, Zofran, which I was also on during my last pregnancy. It has helped keep things in check and allowed me to eat every day, even if I am still eating less than usual. My wonderful mother in-law came up and spent close to a week with us, just to help out. She cared for Bug during the day so that I could rest, cleaned the house, helped with meals, and was generally a huge blessing to us. Her timing could not have been better! Since she left I have slowly been starting to feel better. I have had several really good days, and a lot of okay days. Fewer really bad days. I do continue to struggle with headaches a lot (I have one right now, actually), which sucks.

Since I last wrote I have had the Nuchal Translucency ultrasound and got to see our little Cricket wiggling and kicking, heart beating, mouth opening and closing… so precious. I have struggled to connect to this pregnancy this time. I think this is mostly due to the fact that it doesn’t hold the same surprise and wonder and thrill of our first (successful) pregnancy. With Bug I was madly in love with her from the first positive test. We had waited and prayed and hoped and shed tears. This time it all happened so quickly, so easily… it still seems unreal, I suppose. I am also distracted by the very real presence of my daughter and my overwhelming love for her and the joy she gives me. So while I know I am pregnant, I haven’t quite bonded with this little one yet. I know it will come, and I know my love for this one will match my love for Bug. All things in time.

There is more I’d like to talk about, but my headache is getting worse and I am swiftly running out of steam. I hope to be back soon– hopefully on one of my good days!

So sick…

so I haven’t written a weekly update yet. It’s HARD being mama to a new toddler and gestating a human being.  


Pregnancy Update: Week 7 – 8


How far along? According to our ultrasound today, Cricket is 8 weeks today!

What’s happening with the baby? During week 7, Cricket began to develop arms and legs and this week the hands and feet are beginning to form. About the size of a kidney bean, baby’s internal organs are busy forming and beginning to work, and the tail is almost gone.

Total weight gain/loss? I have lost about 2.5 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity clothes? Not yet, but I really need to buy some!

Symptoms? SOOOOOOO sick. All the time. Why did we decide to do this, morning sickness SUCKS!

Food cravings? No. Mostly still just figuring out what doesn’t sound horrible to me. Lately that has been a lot of bread, plain pasta, and chicken nuggets.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Everything. Everything makes me sick.

Sleep? The one time of day I don’t feel miserable! Yay, sleep!

Movement? N/a

Labor Signs? N/a

Gender? Ramzi Method says girl, heartbeat theory says girl

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? On

Best moment this week? Getting to see our little Cricket via ultrasound!!

Miss anything? Not feeling sick.

Looking forward to? Getting past the morning sickness phase.


How old? 14 Months

Achievements this week/month? Her newest word is “bup”, which means “up”. Super cute!

Best moment of this week? Lying on the exam table seeing Cricket for the first time, and then turning and watching Bug smiling in her Daddy’s arms. We are so blessed.

Nothing Fits

In spite of the fact that I haven’t gained any weight yet, nothing fits. My regular clothes are too tight. Actually, they aren’t even too tight, they’re too SMALL! Even my “fat pants” can’t be zipped up or buttoned. Meanwhile, I’m too small for maternity clothes. 

So what’s a girl to do?? Yoga pants. Sigh. 

Pregnancy Update: 6 Weeks

The weeks are going by so much more quickly this time! I guess that’s what having a toddler to keep track of will do for you!


How far along? 6 Weeks

What’s happening with the baby? Cricket is about the size of a chocolate chip! Baby’s facial features (eyes, nose, ears, mouth) are beginning to form! The heart is now beating a rapid 100-160bpm. Lungs, brain, muscles, and bones are also beginning to form.

Total weight gain? The weight I had previously gained I have now lost again, so I am at zero weight-gain.

Maternity clothes? I am wearing maternity yoga pants for comfort on most days. I did wear some regular capris the other day, but it was so uncomfortable, even unbuttoned (with a belly band over it), that I won’t be doing that again anytime soon. I have one pair of jeans that still fit, but I need to pick up some maternity jeans soon!

Symptoms? All-day nausea. Occasional headaches. Odors are very strong, and make me gag. No vomiting yet, but according to this blog that kicked in around 8 weeks last time, so I probably still have that to look forward to.

Food cravings/aversion? Craving baked potatoes. Absolutely NO FISH or seafood.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Smells, eating, waiting too long to eat, being awake, diaper changes, certain sleep positions.

Sleep? It is starting to get uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach at night– it feels like everything is pushing up inside and making me feel sick.

Movement? n/a

Labor Signs? n/a

Gender? n/a

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? On

Best moment this week? I had a really rough day on Monday. I had a bad headache on top of the intense nausea. My sweet, wonderful husband came home from work to take care of Bug so that I could sleep and take care of myself. As miserable as that day was, it was a great reminder of what a generous and loving man I married. He’s a great Daddy to Bug and he’s going to be a great Daddy to Cricket!

Miss anything? Feeling normal.

Looking forward to? My appointment in 9 days! Also, getting past the first trimester so I can feel better again and also try to enjoy this pregnancy.


How old? 14 months

Achievements this week/month? She has figured out how to climb on the couch without help AND how to climb off again safely! She also seems to be self-weaning… she has not nursed in 3 days 😦

Best moment of this week? She has been saying “hi” for a long time, but she started saying “hello” now, so she comes over when I am lying down feeling like crap and says, “Hi! Hello!” and tilts her head sweetly and sometimes pats me on the head. It’s really sweet and makes me feel so loved by my little girl!

Miss anything? I miss nursing my baby! I was not ready to give it up, but she is not having any of it.

Looking forward to? Enjoying Fall with my daughter!


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