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According to this app it’s been 24 days since I last posted. I plead mother-to-a-toddler. I’m really too tired to be doing this right now, but if I don’t do it now it could be weeks and weeks more… no telling!

Bug has finally made the transition to one mid-day nap. It was a crazy process, that involved a lot of feeling confused and exasperated. She goes down about 1pm and sleeps from 1.5-3 hours, depending on God-knows-what. 

Cricket is doing well! Growing and squirming and otherwise becoming more and more “cooked”. He seems a lot more easy-going in utero than his big sister was. I hope that means another chill kiddo!

I look super pregnant now. I feel it, too. At 22 weeks exactly I am still down from my pre-pregnancy weight by several pounds. My midwives are happy with this, and seem confident that I can get through the pregnancy without gaining an inordinate amount of weight. Their confidence inspires me! At each appointment I ask them to give me a weight goal for my next appointment. I’m trying hard to stay on track and not undo all of the hard work I did after Bug’s first birthday to get healthier. It gets harder as my appetite returns and I start craving sweet things!

We met our doula and I LOVE HER. She has already put my mind at ease over a few things. She has attended something like 600 births, so she knows what she’s doing. Hard to believe we are already more than halfway through this pregnancy! 

It’s raining now, quite hard. I’m lying in the dark tapping this out in my iPhone, when really I ought to be snoozing. Hope you are all well! I’ll try to be better about updating this thing! 

22 week belly!

22 week belly!

Belly and Bug

Belly and Bug



Today we headed to a friend’s house for a Fall brunch party. There were oodles of toddlers in assorted adorable Halloween costumes, plus a few cuties who showed up rocking their normal clothes (Bug was one of the latter). There was also a mom there with a 3 year-old and twin girls, just 3 months old. At one point someone handed one of these sweet twins to me, and I ended up holding her the rest of the time. I couldn’t help it! I was about to return her to her mama when she fell asleep on my chest.

Oh my. Those newborn days go so quickly, and it’s so easy to forget just how tiny and how precious they are at that stage! Especially when a certain toddler is rampaging around the house shouting “no!” or whining to be picked up or put down or whatever it is she wants now. Yes, they grow up and it happens fast, but for one brief moment they are tiny, helpless, and adorably squishy. I’m really looking forward to experiencing that one more time. 

In pregnancy news, I am 18 weeks with a definitely pregnant belly. The anatomy scan is on Monday and we can’t wait to find out whether Cricket is a boy or a girl! I am a little nervous about all the other stuff, too, and hoping we leave the appointment with only good news. I’ve been struggling with feeling really light-headed in the mornings, which my midwife attributes to low blood sugar. So now I’m under strict instructions to have a high protein snack at bedtime, a glass of juice before I get up in the morning, and to make sure I’m staying hydrated. The worst part is the snack at a time when I am not really hungry! But it does seem to help.

I leave you with a belly pic taken on Thursday and a picture of the world’s cutest Little Red Rudibg Hood! Oh, and in between I threw in a picture of Bug enjoying the Fall leaves. ūüėä


18 week belly!

18 week belly!

yay, leaves!

yay, leaves!


Sorry for the radio silence. What it comes down to is this: I love being a mama and [most] everything that goes along with that. I DO NOT enjoy being pregnant. I APPRECIATE it, I am THANKFUL and RELIEVED to be pregnant and I am OVERJOYED to welcome another baby into our little family. But pregnancy is hard on my body and emotions, and I find it hard to make time to write about it lately.

Since I last wrote I have been incredibly sick and lost quite a bit of weight. The weightless is not a big deal, actually, given that I am overweight already and my midwives want my weight-gain limited this time around to around 15 pounds. I did get medication again, Zofran, which I was also on during my last pregnancy. It has helped keep things in check and allowed me to eat every day, even if I am still eating less than usual. My wonderful mother in-law came up and spent close to a week with us, just to help out. She cared for Bug during the day so that I could rest, cleaned the house, helped with meals, and was generally a huge blessing to us. Her timing could not have been better! Since she left I have slowly been starting to feel better. I have had several really good days, and a lot of okay days. Fewer really bad days. I do continue to struggle with headaches a lot (I have one right now, actually), which sucks.

Since I last wrote I have had the Nuchal Translucency ultrasound and got to see our little Cricket wiggling and kicking, heart beating, mouth opening and closing… so precious. I have struggled to connect to this pregnancy this time. I think this is mostly due to the fact that it doesn’t hold the same surprise and wonder and thrill of our first (successful) pregnancy. With Bug I was madly in love with her from the first positive test. We had waited and prayed and hoped and shed tears. This time it all happened so quickly, so easily… it still seems unreal, I suppose. I am also distracted by the very real presence of my daughter and my overwhelming love for her and the joy she gives me. So while I know I am pregnant, I haven’t quite bonded with this little one yet. I know it will come, and I know my love for this one will match my love for Bug. All things in time.

There is more I’d like to talk about, but my headache is getting worse and I am swiftly running out of steam. I hope to be back soon– hopefully on one of my good days!

  So this happened…

In going through some old drafts I came across this post on our nursery. I had planned to post it ages ago, but first there were problems with the photos, and then things got busy/crazy with my pregnancy… So anyway, here it is!

Our finished storybook-themed nursery! A few notes on the pictures to follow:

These pictures were taken at different times, so in some you will see a wooden rocking chair instead of the blue recliner. The wooden rocking chair was standing in until the recliner arrived.

We are having a daughter. Yes, the primary color you will see in the nursery is green. We don’t support the idea that there are boy colors and girl colors. Colors belong to everyone! Our nursery features all of the colors in varying degrees, and we were very happy with the result when we used green to kind of tie it all together.

We actually had a cream-colored breathable bumper on the crib. It was so cute! Then I did some more research and realized that the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) has said to avoid ALL bumpers, including breathable bumpers. We decided, cute as a bumper is, not to risk it. At the end of the post I will indicate where we got some specific items, in case anyone is curious.

From IKEA:

Curtains: these were recently discontinued. We got one of the last two sets at our local store!

Table next to the rocking chair: It is actually a bathroom cart (on wheels). We decided to repurpose it for the nursery and I am liking it so far.

Table Lamp and Lamp-Shade: it is hard to see in the photo, but it has white stitching on it in the shape of flowers and vines.

Bookshelf: It came with anchors to anchor it to the wall, and two of the shelves had a backing. I covered the backing with fabric while I was assembling the shelves, to give it that personal touch.

Drawer Dividers: These fit perfectly in most drawers and will hopefully make it easier to keep the baby’s things organized.


Throw-Pillow: By the discontinued RE brand, we got this on clearance.

Floor Lamp

Closet Organizer: This was picked up in the baby section of Target, and includes the hanging organizer with 2 drawers, a set of infant clothing hangers, and dividers for the clothes (with stickers to label by age, item, or color).

Cloth Container in Closet: We are using this for her laundry. Since we are going to be cloth diapering, we will be doing laundry pretty regularly. I think it will be big enough, and if not we can always get something bigger to replace it.


Blue Glider/Recliner


Crib: We got this on sale during one of their many clearance events. I think it only cost us about $120. It is a convertible crib, that goes from crib to toddler bed to day bed.


Dresser/Changing Table: it took some love and labor, but for $40 plus a little more for paint, this piece saved us a lot of money! (Craig’s List)

Clothes: 90% of the clothing in the closet (and folded in the dresser) were purchased for pennies on the dollar at GoodWill.



Nursery in the Evening

Nursery in the Evening (before we got the new glider)

Some of June Bug's MANY books!

Some of June Bug’s MANY books!

Her drawers are all organized!

Her drawers are all organized!

Her clothes have been washed and hung in the closet.

Her clothes have been washed and hung in the closet.

The banner was made by my sister for the Baby-Shower. We kept it to hang in June Bug's nursery! We also framed cover art from some of our favorite children's books.

The banner was made by my sister for the Baby-Shower. We kept it to hang in June Bug’s nursery! We also framed cover art from some of our favorite children’s books.

This corner shelf is just perfect to display some special keep-sakes.

This corner shelf is just perfect to display some special keep-sakes.

We ordered this awesome gliding recline just especially for the nursery. It is SO comfy!

We ordered this awesome gliding recline just especially for the nursery. It is SO comfy!

The crib!

The crib!

We bought the dresser/changing table second hand off Craig's List. After some TLC and a coat of paint, we are thrilled with the end-result!

We bought the dresser/changing table second hand off Craig’s List. After some TLC and a coat of paint, we are thrilled with the end-result!

The past two days I have had contractions. They weren’t very regular, but they did get stronger/more uncomfortable over time. They would get more intense while walking or dancing or being on my feet for a while. I had some bloody show.¬†

Then today, nothing. *sigh*

Bring on the old wives tales! I am going to try some (harmless) natural ways of facilitating labor:

  • Prenatal Massage. I have one booked for 3:15 today– my belated birthday gift from my husband– and I can’t wait! I have also heard that a prenatal massage at this point can help… encourage¬†things along. If nothing else it’ll calm me down.
  • Pineapple.¬†Apparently pineapple contains something that helps ripen the cervix.
  • Nipple stimulation. Awkward to talk about, awkward to do! I am not going to do anything too intense (e.g. using breastpump), but gentle manual stimulation for 5 minutes at a time does bring on contractions, which some people say can bring on labor if your body is ready.
  • Sex. Need I say more?
  • Raspberry Leaf Tea. This doesn’t so much kick-start labor, as it does make contractions more effective.¬†

So. Any other suggestions? I am not willing to eat/take anything I wouldn’t otherwise eat. So no castor oil, please.¬†


How far along? 38 weeks

What’s happening with the baby? Baby likely weighs close to 7 lbs now. She may also be as long as she is going to get before birth. She continues to gain fat in her little body to get her ready for life on the outside.

Total weight gain? I lost close to 3 lbs between Thursday and Monday.

Sleep? Lots of hip and pelvic pain during the night, sometimes made better by sleeping with a pillow between my knees.

Best moment this week? I suppose the best moment was finding out that I DO NOT have preeclampsia, after all!

Miss anything? I miss it all. I am so DONE with being pregnant.

Movement? Baby girl continues to shift around in utero, and sometimes seems to get antsy and push out really hard with a foot.

Food cravings? Beef! I usually eat very little beef, but I have eaten it several times recently and it was GOOOOOD.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Not lately.

Gender? Girl!

Symptoms? More stretch marks, increased pelvic pain/pressure, and increased discharge (leukorrhea). 

Labor Signs? My BH contractions have gotten more regular at times, and now come with a low, sometimes intense, cramping. Being active (walking, dancing, moving around a lot) seems to intensify these contractions. Last night they were coming regularly enough that I called my doula to get her input. She suggested I get some sleep in case this was real labor. The contractions continued most of the night, but petered off this morning. I find this whole thing very confusing. I assume that at SOME point it will become clear that I am in labor. Preferably with enough time to drive the 1-1.5 hours to the birth center.

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? Off. I wear them on a chain around my neck all the time now.

Looking forward to? Getting this baby OUT.

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