one couple's unexpected journey to parenthood


July – I got the copper IUD placed. We were not ready for #2 yet!

October – I had my first postpartum period.


April – We decided to start trying for #2 in August.

May – Revisited our timeline and decided to start trying in June… with the plan to skip August (to avoid another May birthday).

June – Began charting my cycle again, had IUD removed. Began TTC!

July – First two week wait (tww) in almost two years! Shocked to get a positive test at 8dpo! They keep getting darker! Estimated due date, March 24, 2016!

August – First prenatal appointment and first ultrasound! Cricket is strong, active, and healthy and we have a new EDD of March 25, 2016.

September – NT scan looked good. Got to see the baby wiggling around!


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